Shop Name U:DON
Address 4515 University Way Northeast Seattle, WA 98105 U.S.A.

Serving authentic udon noodles in the heart of America

At the beginning I was thinking of opening a ramen shop in my native America. But during my trip to Japan I came across a famous self-service udon restaurant, and it just dawned on me - that must be IT!

I asked what equipment they used - and that's how I learned about Yamato. Then I made my mind to join their Udon School. You know, we, Americans, love to look at how masters of their trade work and do their job, so I thought that a self-service udon restaurant would be a sure success in the US, and I really got passionate about bringing American customers real authentic udon just like the one you'd have in Japan.

After graduating from Yamato Udon School I opened my own shop in Seattle, where I am focusing on quality, and though slowly as it might be I am getting more and more customers, and earning more and more of their support.

It is a place with many students around, and I try to ensure my products offer my patrons something of real value.